70 Best Sunny leone Bikini Pics in Full Sexy Moods !

Sunny Leone does not need an introduction. People became her fans right after she started doing adult movies and now her fan base has grown, all thanks to her numerous Bollywood projects and TV shows. People have always been curious to know what’s new in Sunny’s life.Well we have it right here for you along with a huge collection of the sexy Sunny leone Bikini images in HD:

Sunny leone Bikini Wallpaper is more popular then her  singing Skill



Sunny leone Bikini

At a recent event, when Sunny’s interview was being taken, Daniel stood beside her gazing at her in the most adorable way possible! The reporter noticed this and asked Sunny on how they are maintaining such a good equation between them. With a big smile on her face,


Sunny leone Bikini


Sunny leone Bikini

Sunny said “Danny and I have a no-phone rule at home, especially during dinner. We talk to each other and often go on long walks together… Believe me, walks with your husbands or boyfriends are a great way of focussing on each other.”

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Sunny leone Bikini pic

Sunny leone Bikini images

Sunny leone Bikini wallpapers


A few days back rumour spread that Sunny is going to sing for an upcoming movie. Last Monday she shared a pic of herself standing in a music studio, in front of mic. She posted “Went head on w/one of my biggest fears-singing out loud! Spent the month rehearsing! Hope u like it!!”





People started speculating that she might be singing for a song sequence in Shahrukh Khan‘s upcoming project Raees where Sunny is doing an item number. So people started thinking that this might be the reason why she practicing singing. She might be lending her tone for the song.




But Sunny cleared the air saying she was practicing and rehearsing for a big event. Here exact words were “Just so you know, was not singing for a movie. Was rehearsing and practicing for a big event I am attending where I must sing for real. very nervous! In order to get all the words correct and pronunciation correct I had to hear what I’m singing. Been practicing on my own all month”.




Sunny on working with King Khan

Sunny has been roped in for an item song in the movie Raees alongside Shahrukh Khan. It is going to be a new take on the old hit song ‘Laila O Laila‘ from the movie Qurbani. When she got the call for the movie she could not believe her ears. She said “You wish and pray for an opportunity like this. When the phone call came, I was like ‘Is this the right number?'”





Sunny Leone is very excited about her upcoming movie Beimaan Love opposite actor Rajneesh Duggal. She is very busy these days practicing her dance steps and getting them right. She was recently spotted doing dance rehearsals under the guidance of choreographer Vishnu Deva in a studio in Andheri. Sunny leone Bikini








Sunny Leone Sexy Kiss in Ragini MMS 2

The promo of the first song of the movie, Hug Me, was released a few days back. Sunny’s sultry wild look in the song grabbed many eyeballs and her sexy moves to the song’s tunes received a lot of positive feedback from her fans. When the full song was released people loved it too.


Sunny leone Fun with Husband

Sunny leone XXX Leaked Video

Even her choreographer Vishnu was in all awe after seeing her performance. He also added “I always try to bring something new in choreography, same thing I have tried in Beimaan Love. Sunny Leone has always been curious for new steps and she easily learns all the steps”. With the song being a hit, people are eagerly waiting for the next song. Sunny leone Bikini is best element for night fuck


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Sunny was really excited about this project. Who would not get excited to work alongside King Khan. On her experience of working with him, Sunny revealed one of her encounters with SRK “I went up to him and said thank you for the role, and when I came back to my trailer, I saw myself in the mirror. My hair was up in elaborate rolls. I was like ‘Oh my god! My hair looked like this when I met him?’”. So it’s not just us, even stars like Sunny ‘prepare themselves’ and get nervous before meeting superstars like Shahrukh Khan.


Sunny learning new dance moves for her upcoming movie Beimaan Love

Beimaan Love

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Beimaan Love’s trailer is out and Sunny looks ‘Oh So Hot’ in it

Dark love stories with wild love making scenes have always been Sunny’s forte and Beimaan Love is one such project. The movie’s trailer has recently been launched and as always, Sunny Leone looks smoking hot in all the scenes of the movie .


The movie is written, produced and directed by Rajeev Chaudhari,Beimaan Love stars Rajneesh Duggal opposite Sunny Leone.

The movie also stars Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber in a special role in the movie.

The movie is widely shot in Mumbai and Dubai and is slated to be released in19 August 2016. Major parts of the movie has already been shot. A few days back, the first song of the movie was released named ‘Hug Me’ in which Sunny Leone looked hotter than ever




The movie’s trailer is equally catchy. From what appears from the trailer, the movie is about how a guy uses the girl he loves. Sunny looks super hot in a black lingerie while getting all dirty and nasty with Rajneesh Duggal in the movie. With Rajneesh playing the villain in the movie, he seems to have done an amazing job too. Can’t wait for the movie to be released! Sunny leone Bikini look so so hot in red color.

Sunny and Daniel Weber’s no-phone rule

Sunny Leone is married to Daniel Weber and they have been married since 2011. Right before their first date Sunny was not very interested in him, but when he sent 24 roses to her hotel room she got floored! The adorable couple is often seen defending each other in public. On the sets of Splitsvilla last season Daniel warned one of the contestants who in the flow of the game accidentally hurt Sunny by throwing something at her.




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